Keto Chocolate Coffee protein shake

Keto Chocolate Coffee protein shake

I always loved coffee ice cream, but cant enjoy it on keto diet. I tried to come up with a solution in a protein shake and thought it turned out great! To me it really tastes like a cappuccino chunk ice cream or starbucks java chip frap.

34g chocolate protein powder

44g flax seed

10g cocoa powder

35g peanut butter

5g ground coffee

14g dark chocolate chips

1 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk

2oz heavy whipping cream

Throw it all in the blender with a handful of ice cubes and let it go for a minute.

This comes out to 905 calories. 49g protein, 12g net carbs (22 fiber) and 67g fat.

The flax seed and peanut butter could be removed to save 236 and 198 calories, respectively.

EDIT: The amounts can fluctuate. I make this shake every day without measuring. Today I weighed/measured everything so I could provide macros.

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