BBQ Bacon Pizza – A Smaller Crust Recipe

BBQ Bacon Pizza – A Smaller Crust Recipe


This is my first attempt at a BBQ pizza. I tend to make my pizzas smaller as it’s just me and my wife eating them. And I’m not one for leftovers. Feel free to use your normal fathead recipe.

Fathead Dough

I use Headbanger’s Kitchen’s recipe as it’s generally smaller, more of a personal size pizza, though my best effort has been me finishing 3/4 of one by myself. So for this one:

Microwave Mozzarella (100 grams) and Cream Cheese (1 oz [28g]) for 1 min in microwave then mix

Add almond flower (50 grams) and any seasoning (I out in about a teaspoon of BBQ seasoning) then mix 30

Add one egg and mix until a dough

Oil or wet hands and press into a circle on parchment paper.

Bake for 12 mins at 400

BBQ Sauce


I have posted this before, but all I do for BBQ sauce is mix Heinz Reduced Sugar (now No Sugar Added) ketchup and Simple Girls BBQ seasoning. In this case, 80g of Ketchup and a tablespoon of the seasoning. You can also use your favorite BBQ Sauce.


I cooked 8 pieces of bacon. I chopped them up first, then cooked them and set the bacon aside. I then chopped up 50g if yellow onion. Use any onion you like, but I think white onions have more carbs (and probably a better flavor :-)). for the cheese I did use mozzarella, but not the shredded kind. I used 3oz of Belgioso mozzarella and just carefully grated. I honestly think this made a huge difference over standard, skim mozzarella. I assembled by first layering the sauce, then onion, then bacon (saving some), then cheese. I then sprinkled a few more bacon pieces on top and baked at 409 for about 10 mins.


This is for half the pizza. I have tried to eat all of one of these before, it the crust is too dense to finish. Plus my wife ate with me so I cut it into 6 equal slices and ate half.

Calories: 735 Protein: 44 Fat: 56 Carbs: 13 Net Carbs: 10

70% Fat, 25% Protein, 5% Carbs


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