Iced coffee shake – 2.7g carbs, 47.4g fat, 24.2g protein

1 espresso 1 carton scimx coffee protein shake 54ml double (“heavy”) cream 20g coconut oil Ice

Combine espresso and coconut oil in a blender or nutribullet, whiz for 5-10 seconds. Add the coffee protein shake and ice, blitz 30 seconds. Add the double cream, whiz 5-10 seconds.

I found it quite sweet tasting so I definitely wouldn’t recommend adding sweetener, I may use double espresso next time though.

2.7g carbs, 47.4g fat, 24.2g protein, 529 cals

I meant to have this just as a snack for brunch, but I am still full from it 2 1/2 hours later

Edit: if you omit the cream it takes it to 227cal, 1.8g carbs, 20g carbs 23.3g protein. You can add more coconut oil to increase the fats and it doesn’t add any flavour

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