With unending ketogenic KETO COOKIE CREAM DONUTS recipes online, it will typically be exhausting to seek out the farm free variety! Nourish & Thrive co-founder Elora tinkers around with keto uptake some of the times a year, and whenever she will, we frequently get AN flow of recent farm free fat bomb recipes!

This direction was tailored from one found and is completely delicious. we have a tendency to created AN addition of gelatin that helps stabilize the coconut milk and makes it virtually a mousse-like a friedcake – thus good! The cooked almond meal within the cookie base extremely adds to the flavor and makes these fat bomb donuts stand out.

For this, we have a tendency to used a siloxane friedcake mold that was bought on AliExpress, but you’ll use a siloxane quick bread receptacle instead and place the cookie crumb on all-time low instead.



1️⃣ Melt down 60g Coconut Oil & add in 30g Vanilla White Chocolate Collagen Powder, Pour into silicon molds & set for 10mins in freezer 🥥
2️⃣ In the same post melt 90g Dark Chocolate & once melted Add 30g Vanilla White Chocolate Collagen Powder. Add 66g Crushed Shortbread Cookie then too with the Chocolate layer. Pour mixture into silicon mold & freeze for another 10mins ❄️
3️⃣ Remove from molds & enjoy! 😋


🔥 Tips: Store in an airtight container in fridge or freezer
✦ Use any flavor Protein, Collagen or MCT Powder
✦ Use Ghee or Butter as an alternative to Coconut Oil
✦ Donut Silicon Mold from @eBay 🛒 ✦


credits: @Mz Keto

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