Keto Ricotta Pancakes

Keto Ricotta Pancakes


1/4 cup of almond flour
Oat fibre, 1/3 cup; see notes
Ricotta cheese, half a cup
three complete eggs, divided
Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
1/4 tsp. almond extract
1/4 cup of Swerve candy
Baking powder, two teaspoons
1.5 cups thick cream
Ghee or clarified butter for the pan
Optional Topping of chopped, toasted almonds
optional maple syrup without sugar


Using a hand mixer, whip the egg whites in a mixing bowl until soft peaks form. The egg yolks, ricotta, swerve, vanilla, almond extract, and heavy cream should all be combined in a separate basin and mixed for about two minutes.
Add the egg whites and stir just a little. Mix the almond flour, oat fibre, and baking powder in a another basin. Mix the dry ingredients into the wet components after adding them.
A bit loose but not too runny batter is ideal.
Pancake batter should be added to a nonstick skillet over LOW heat along with some avocado oil, coconut oil, clarified butter, or ghee to form 3- to 4-inch pancakes. They could be more difficult to flip and won’t hold together as well if you make them any bigger. Consider something a little larger than a pancake worth a dollar.
It’s important to cook them on low heat with a lid on for a few minutes on each side. When you notice a few little bubbles, wait until they carefully flip them and replace the cover until they are finished.
You can make them this way and they will come out properly if you are patient while they cook! Add some chopped, toasted almonds for texture, sugar-free maple syrup (optional), and grass-fed butter on top!


16 pancakes may be made from the batch, according to me. Depending on how big you cook them, a serving size is between 3 and 4 pancakes.The outer husks of oats are ground to make oat fibre. Oat fiber’s healthiness is it? It is 100% insoluble fibre, which has zero net carbohydrates and doesn’t dissolve in water or break down in the digestive system, making it ideal for a Keto diet. The reason I use it so frequently is because it contributes to a more conventional feel.

Nutritional data

Ricotta Almond Pancakes for Keto (Gluten Free)Calories per serving: 258Calories from fat: 180% of the daily value*Fat 20g31%8g 50% saturated fat10g3% carbohydrates5g21% fibre1g1% sugar11g22% protein

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