7 Healthy Low – Carb Vegetables

7 Healthy Low – Carb Vegetables


As you all probably know vegetables are an extremely important part of your meal if you are trying to lead a healthy life. This is mainly because they are filled with minerals and vitamins but are low in calories, so are ideal for a low carb diet.Today we present to you a list of 7 low carb vegetables that you must include in your healthy food regime.

7 Healthy Low Carb Vegetables


Asparagus is a spring vegetable that is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, fiber and carotene antioxidants. Also, compared to other vegetables, asparagus is very high in protein. It contains 2g of carbs per 100g.


This vegetable contains 4g of carbs per serving. Broccoli is extremely rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, it helps prevent cancer and it reduces insulin resistance.



Cauliflower is a vegetable used all around the world in different and delicious dishes. It is filled with folate, vitamin C and vitamin K and contains 5g of carbs per 100g.


Technically speaking mushrooms are not plants. However, very often edible mushrooms are categorized as vegetables. They contain certain amounts of potassium, are high in vitamin B, contain 3g of carb per 100g and most importantly, they are quite delicious.


Onions, as you might know, add specific and powerful taste to recipes and dishes. They contain 9g of carbs per 100g and are rich in antioxidants, fiber and some anti-inflammatory compounds.


The most famous vegetable in the world – the tomatoes, are high in potassium and vitamin C. They contain 4g of carbs per serving.

7.Brussels – Sprouts

These tiny vegetables, related to broccoli and kale, are highly nutritious and contain 7g of carbs per 100g. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin K and also contain many beneficial plant compounds.


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