Introduce Healthy Fats to Low Carb Diet in the Following Ways

Introduce Healthy Fats to Low Carb Diet in the Following Ways


The low carb diet is considered as a most fashionable diet nowadays. Even though the idea of this diet is good, it have a negative effect on your health if you do not conduct it under the watchful eye of a nutritionist. Low carb diet allows an intake of very small amounts of fat. Your body will have   protein only if it has small amounts of fat and carbohydrates. Despite the benefits on your body provided by protein, having protein predominantly in your body, can cause moodiness, hunger, and lack of motivation.


Add the following healthy fats in your low carb diet plan to create a balance in your system:

Add fat in your food

Your meal will certainly gain a perfect flavor and richness if you add a single tablespoon of butter or organic oils. For example, you can add olive oil in salads and soups for additional flavor.

Fatty Meat and Fish

First off, choose meats and fish from the organic aisle. Also, buy the ones with a fattier cut. You would want to avoid chicken breasts and lean steaks, as they lack  fat. Similarly, when you choose fish – buy the ones found in the wild, as they contain nutritious fats.

Cod Fish Liver Oil

Nowadays recognized as a super food due to its numerous health benefits.  It is a safe way to add fat to your diet as it contains vitamins and minerals, as well.

Nuts, Avocados, and Eggs


These ingredients are an explosion of beneficial fat which is great for your body. You will accumulate the necessary fat your body needs if you eat an egg, 1/2 a cheek of avocado and a handful of nuts twice a week.

White coffee

Enrich your diet by adding healthy fat found in the white coffee. It is not only delicious, but also eliminates hunger cravings. Consume this drink once daily, as over-consumption can provoke palpitations and increase in weight.

Fatty Cheeses

Include fatty cheeses to your crackers to enrich your diet with healthy fats.

Mayonnaise and Guacamole

These 2 ingredients are very nourishing and contain high amounts of beneficial fat. Consume them in combination with snacks, but take a tablespoon only.

Sauces like Bearnaise

Sauces like bearnaise can improve the creaminess of your meal, while at the same time enrich the food with the necessary fat.


Great news, isn’t it? Bacon contains high levels of sodium, therefore you should limit the intake. Nevertheless, you can add it to your salads and/or sandwiches, and consume the necessary fat.

Dark chocolate


Dark chocolate is enriched with beneficial fat and antioxidants.

You are not obliged to consume any of the aforementioned foods, as this is to guide people who have fat deficiencies in their diet. But if you eat them, avoid over-consumption, as it can result in excess fat in your body.

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