Cajun fried fish with garlic lemon aioli!

Cajun fried fish with garlic lemon aioli!


Aioli Ingredients:

1 egg yolk 2 garlic cloves 3/4 cups olive oil 6 TBS mayonnaise 1/2 fresh lemon juice Salt, pepper, cajun seasoning


Press garlic cloves into a bowl then beat them with egg yolk together

Using a hand mixer on low add olive oil to the egg.

Add mayonnaise and lemon juice while beating the mixture on low

Salt, pepper, and season to taste

This made ALOT of aioli so I would recommend using it on something else as well throughout the week. Chicken seemed like a good idea to me once it was competed.

Fish ingredients:


1/2 pound of catfish Cajun seasoning, salt, pepper Almond flour 1 Egg 1 TBS cream (milk will work) 5 TBS Butter


Salt, pepper, and pepper the fish nuggets

Beat egg and cream together in a bowl

Mix some almond flour and Cajun seasoning into a bowl

Add butter to a pan and heat on medium high

Dip fish in egg, then into the almond flour, and add to pan

Flip the fish after about 4 minutes and cook until finished

I double breaded a lot of my fish nuggets and it was way too much breading. I would suggest dipping the fish in the egg wash, shaking it off, and then lightly dipping it into the flour mixture. To keep track of carbs from the flour weigh the total bowl and then weigh it again after use.

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