keto Cream Cheese Blintz

keto Cream Cheese Blintz


  • 8 EGGS
  • 1/2 TSP. VANILLA

This recipe for Keto cream cheese blintzes is adapted from a basic cream cheese pancake recipe. The ratios are adjusted slightly and there is no flour or baking powder. I”ve seen the recipe floating around forever and the first time I made it I thought, this pancake is too flat to be a pancake. This is a Keto crepe! They are very delicate and can be hard to flip. I’ll give you my tips ahead.

I like to mix this batter in my blender. It’s quick and easy and my blender has a spout that’s perfect for pouring the batter right into my pan. Add all ingredients into your blender and mix well. I start low and increase the speed until my mixture is smooth and there aren’t any cream cheese chunks floating around. Heat a non-stick pan to medium/ medium-low. Butter your pan, I simply run the edge of a stick of butter over the surface, and pour enough batter in to coat the bottom thinly. I have an amazing nonstick pan that literally nothing will stick to, but the issue that a lot of people run into is how delicate these pancakes are making them difficult to flip without ripping. When the bottom is set I run a thin spatula under the edges to make sure the crepe is cooked and is moving freely in the pan. Now, grab a second heat proof spatula. This is my method and it takes two hands. I slide one spatula under the crepe and lift slightly and then slide the second spatula underneath. If I can get the second spatula under the crepe farther than the first one I will lift slightly and move the first spatula further under the crepe. When I have both spatulas under the crepe I lift both spatulas at the same time and flip. I know this sounds daunting and like a lot of work, but when you figure out how to flip them without breaking them you will be rewarded greatly!

Once the crepes are done, remove them from your pan using the same method and stack them on a plate. Once they are cooled they will sturdier and easier to work with. Because they have no flour in them, they don’t have the same scaffold as a traditional crepe. They will always be more delicate and more prone to tearing than a traditional flour based crepe but definitely easier to handle once cooled.

While your crepes are cooking, whip the filling together in a bowl with a hand mixer. You can use a stand mixer or even a food processor to whip all of the ingredients together. By the time the last crepe was done, the first few were cool enough to fill. This recipe will make 8 large blintzes. I took a large spoon and spread 2-3 tbs. of filling in the center of the first crepe. I folded one side over the filled center and then the adjacent side over the center. I then rolled them up like a burrito. You don’t need to fold these at all to enjoy. You can simply add the filling to the center and then roll them up! This is your food

You can do whatever you’d like with it!

A note about nutrition information. I will calculate and include nutrition information for my recipes from now on but with a huge caution. I am calculating the macros using my ingredients. I use Philly brand “5 simple ingredients” cream cheese. It has .7 grams of carbohydrate per oz. I have seen some brands of cream cheese that have 3 times that amount. That may not seem like a lot, but if you are trying to keep your carbohydrates under 20 net grams a day, a 3 carb difference can really throw you off. So I will include the macros but I always encourage everyone to calculate their own.

Recipe makes 8 servings. Each serving is 297 cals, 2.3 g. carbs, 25 grams fat, 11 g. protein.

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