Keto Greek Yogurt

Keto Greek Yogurt

300+-calorie bowl of yogurt wouldn’t help me stay within my macros. But it sounds freakin’ delicious and I’ll probably try it anyway. Heavy cream is life.

You have options:

  1. ⁠If you don’t want to make it yourself, the Kroger family of stores carries “Two Good,” which is three net carbs per serving. My trusty recipe also contains three net carbs and 103 calories per 1/3c serving.

  2. ⁠If you can pick up an incubator, buy a small container of Greek yogurt to use as a starter culture. You’ll need only a couple of tablespoons. Measure out five cups of half and half, and heat in a saucepan to 185f, stirring and monitoring to prevent scorching. Quickly chill to 110f in an ice bath in the sink. Pour into the incubation chamber, pitch two tablespoons room temperature Greek Yogurt, stir to combine and leave to incubate 8-12 hours in accordance with the instructions on your incubator (an Instant Pot with “yogurt” mode can be used).

  3. ⁠After the incubation is done and the yogurt is set, refrigerate immediately. You can use your preferred sweetener/flavorings when serving (I like Walden Farms Syrup and Low-Carb grain-free granola from Lark Ellen, I use just a tablespoon for texture/crunch). It’s also delicious and decadent plain.

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