Keto + OMAD Post-Workout meal

Keto + OMAD Post-Workout meal



1.5 lbs 80/20 Ground beef

4 slices American Cheese

2 slices Swiss Cheese

1 Avocado

Bunch of Butter-leaf Lettuce

2 dill pickle spears

100ml Heavy Cream

2 Scoops Isopure protein powder

224g low carb yogurt



-Heat Grill pan to medium-high heat

-Form Ground beef into 3 large patties (1/2lb each) and season generously

-Cook burgers to desired internal doneness (medium recommended)

-Top burgers with cheese and let melt

-Top lettuce with burgers

-Cut avocado in half

-Mix Heavy cream with Isopure & desired amount of water



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