Modified Keto Pancakes Recipe

Modified Keto Pancakes Recipe

Keto Pancakes paired with cocoa nibs and walnuts. Tasted not only like real pancakes but the cocoa nibs gave these a delicious crunch and acted like chocolate chips. Based off of Keto Connects Recipe but tweaked a bit and added a few more ingredients.


2 ounces of cream cheese

2 eggs

1 tbsp butter

Half scoop of protein powder

Half ounce of cocoa nibs

Half ounce of walnuts

1 tsp of vanilla extract

Sugar free maple syrup

Recipe: Makes two pancakes:

Melt cream cheese and most of butter in the microwave Mix together and wait to cool to avoid cooking the eggs Crack eggs into same bowl and whisk together well Add vanilla extract Pour in protein powder. I used iso100hydralized vanilla You now have your pancake batter On medium high heat pour in half the batter and sprinkle the cocoa nibs onto of wet batter. After 1-2 minutes or until adequately brown flip over and cook for another minute or so. After both pancakes have been made add the remaining butter and crumble walnuts on top. Add sugar free maple syrup. Enjoy. These are not only tasty but very filling.

Macros for both pancakes:

Calories: 650

Fat: 55g

Net carbs: Less than 10g

Protein: 33g

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