These very are the simplest very little best KETO CHOCOLATE BISCUIT to form and are simply the correct size to assist satisfy that sweet desire we tend to generally have.

At first, I attempted to adapt many recipes for that I found online. for a few reasons, all of them clothed very drily.

Finally, it occurred to Maine, to begin with, my formula for flourless spread cookies and adapt that to incorporate chocolate and to use stevia rather than honey. This was finally a hit, and maybe even too prosperous, as a result of I Greek deity FOUR of those rather than the 2 I used to be attending to eat. 😳

On the intense aspect, any formula that causes Maine to scarf out is a superb recipe.

These cookies are thick, soft and chewy. this can be an enormous (huge!) and if you’re like Maine and like your cookies soft and chewy. If you like tender cookies, then this formula is unfortunately not for you.

How to get the batter to be the correct consistency
It’s a simple formula, with one massive caveat: this can be not a foolproof formula. you’ll have to be compelled to regulate the quantity of water you add supported the consistency you get in your own room. this can, for the most part, rely on the spread you employ.

Nut butter varies greatly in their consistency. Even once exploitation natural creamy nut butter, that is what you must use to form these keto chocolate cookies, their consistency is quite unpredictable.


Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time8 mins
Rest time30 mins
Total Time53 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: chocolate, cookies
Servings: 18 cookies
Calories: 124kcal


  • 1 cup natural creamy nut butter (I used sesame butter) (256g)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup water, divided
  • 1.5 teaspoons stevia glycerite (equals 1/2 cup sugar)
  • Pinch salt (only if your nut butter is unsalted)
  • 1/2 cup natural unsweetened cocoa powder, not Dutch processed (40g)
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips (1.5 oz)


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, whisk the nut butter with the eggs until smooth. When the mixture becomes sticky and difficult to mix, start adding water gradually, a tablespoon at a time until you reach a smooth consistency. You will likely need to add 1/4 cup water.
  • Whisk in the stevia and, if using, salt.
  • Using a rubber spatula, mix in the cocoa powder. Just as in step 2, you want a smooth, easy to mix batter, so add water until you reach that consistency. How much water you will need to add depends on the consistency of the nut butter you use. I usually end up using a total of 1/2 measuring cup of water in this recipe. So I add about 1/4 cup in step 2, and 1/4 cup in this step.
  • Mix in the baking soda.
  • Using a cookie scoop, or a 2-tablespoons measuring scoop, spoon 18 mounds of the batter onto the prepared baking sheets, spacing the cookies 1.5 inches apart (they expand as they bake). Do not flatten the mounds.
  • Top each cookie with 5-6 chocolate chips, gently pressing them in.
  • Place the cookie sheets on the middle and bottom oven racks. Bake the cookies for 8 minutes. The cookies will be very soft at this point, but they will set as they cool. Don’t try to remove them right away.
  • Cool the cookies 10 minutes in the pan, on a cooling rack, then use a cake server to carefully transfer the cookies directly to the cooling rack to cool completely. Do let the cookies cool completely – about 20 more minutes – before serving them, or they will still be the wrong consistency – too soft.
  • Once completely cool, you can store leftover cookies in the fridge, in an airtight container, for 3-4 days. Very gently heat them in the microwave, 5 seconds per cookie on 50% power, before enjoying.


Nutrition Facts:

Keto Chocolate Cookies, Soft and Chewy
Amount Per Serving (1 cookie)
Calories 124Calories from Fat 90
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g15%
Saturated Fat 2g10%
Sodium 41mg2%
Total Carbohydrates 4.3g1%
Dietary Fiber 2.5g10%
Sugars 0.5g
Protein 5g10%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
credits: @Mz Keto
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