Keto Chocolate Cheesecake

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake



1/4 cup unsalted butter, 1/4 cup whole almonds, 1 tablespoon golden monk fruit or erythritol sweetener, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon sea salt, 2 tablespoons unsweetened chocolate powder, and 1 cup almond flour.


6 ounces of unsweetened chocolate, 2 tablespoons of refined coconut oil, 3 x 8-ounce blocks of room-temperature cream cheese, 1 cup of powdered monk fruit or erythritol sweetener, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup of room-temperature sour cream, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, 1/8 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt, and 2 teaspoons of instant coffee.


2 ounces of unsweetened chocolate, 1 tablespoon of refined coconut oil, 4 teaspoons of powdered monk fruit or erythritol sweetener, 1 pinch of sea salt, and one high-quality bar of dark chocolate, ranging in percentage from 75 to 85%.


Required Equipment

  • springform pan, 8″
  • metal foil
  • a deep baking dish large enough to accommodate an 8″ springform pan
  • spraying oil
  • cutting surface and knife
  • microwave-safe bowl
  • a paddle attachment for a stand mixer, or a sizable basin and a hand mixer
  • Spatula\sKettle



  1. In the centre of the oven , put rack. Preheat it to 350 degrees. Make sure there are no cracks lower down and centre an 8″ springform pan on a piece of heavy duty tin foil. Fold the foil up as high as it will go around the pan. We must ensure that water cannot enter the pan because the cheesecake will be baked in a water bath.
  2. Almonds should be finely ground into a crumble after the unsalted butter has melted. Melted butter is combined with sugar, cinnamon, salt, and cocoa powder; the almond crumble and almond flour are then added. Press firmly and evenly into the bottom of the springform pan after thoroughly combining.
    After 10 minutes of baking, remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack.


  1. Put the refined coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl along with the unsweetened chocolate that has been finely crumbled. Microwave at 40% power until completely melted and no pieces are visible. Melt on top of a double boiler. Set aside at this time.
  2. Smooth out the softened cream cheese. After properly incorporating the powdered sweetener, scrape the bowl. Do not over-mix the batter; instead, add the eggs one at a time and then the sour cream, scraping the bottom of the bowl frequently. Add the salt, instant coffee, vanilla, and chocolate powder.
  3. Turn the mixer to low and gradually sprinkle in the melted chocolate until all of it has been integrated. Scrape the batter into the springform pan on top of the crust, giving it one last toss to make sure it is thoroughly combined, and then do the same with the remaining batter in the bowl.
  4. Spread the batter into the pan using a spatula. As the batter is distributed into the pan, try not to trap any air underneath. Evenly smooth the top.

Cook it

  1. The deep baking dish should be placed into the springform pan after bringing a kettle of water to a boil. Carefully pour about an inch of boiling water into the baking dish to prevent water from splashing on the cheesecake. If you could only get the tin foil 1″ up the side of the springform, then only pour in 12 ” of water to ensure that water cannot go inside the tin foil.
  2. Put baking dish in the oven on the centre rack . Bake for FORTY FIVE minutes. Spend an hour letting the cheesecake set in the warm oven. The cheesecake should be taken out of the oven and allowed to cool for a few hours at room temperature before being placed, unwrapped, in the refrigerator for several hours to overnight.


  1. Making the chocolate drizzle ahead of time is advised because it will harden and become useless after about 30-45 minutes.
    Finely crush the unsweetened chocolate and combine with the refined coconut oil in a microwaveable bowl. Melt on 40% power until completely melted.
  2. They could also be melted on top of a double boiler. Add the sea salt and sweetener powder by whisking.
  3. Place the cheesecake on a serving platter after removing the springform pan’s edges. Pour the melted chocolate over the cheesecake’s top with a spoon; it should begin to solidify nearly immediately. Slice the cheesecake into 12 pieces, then top each piece with any remaining chocolate ganache.

Extra garnish

I adore using chocolate shavings to decorate this Keto Chocolate Cheesecake because they are so stunning. The chocolate bar should be unwrapped and melted in the microwave on 40% power. To make lovely shavings, peel the bar’s sides with a vegetable peeler.


Calories: 466kcal | Carbohydrates: 30g | Protein: 13.7g | Fat: 47.5g | Sodium: 310mg | Fiber: 5g | Sugar Alcohols: 18g | Net Carbs: 7g

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