Keto Coconut Iced Coffee! The most boring and basic fat-fueled ice coffee that doesn’t curdle in your straw. (Vegan, Dairy Free)

Keto Coconut Iced Coffee! The most boring and basic fat-fueled ice coffee that doesn’t curdle in your straw. (Vegan, Dairy Free)


1st off: I’m not a food photographer. Sorry for the awful quality!!

Here’s a super simple iced coffee recipe for all my keto friends! I normally wouldn’t make a whole post just on this, but I’ve made this more times than I can count and it has saved me. Like I really wish I could blow this up but honest to god it’s just coconut and coffee.

This is a creamy, frothy, indulgent iced coffee that is dairy free and low carb. Adjust how much coconut to your liking and macros, and you’re set! It does have *very slightly* more carbs than, say, HWC, but it’s a dairy free option for those avoiding it, and you can reduce the amount of coconut cream to match your macros. The serving above is for a BIG jar, which is enough for me! but you can easily make that 2 servings if you aren’t caffeine addicted like I am.

Keto Coconut Iced Coffee

Serving Size: One ambitious mason jar for a solid Monday morning


  • 1/2 cup Coconut Cream* (See below for clarification)

  • 1-1/2 cup coffee of your choice, chilled or room temp

  • 2 packets Truvia (optional, adjust as needed)

  • Ice

How it’s done

  • Give the can of coconut a reeeeal good shake to help blend all the fats back into the liquid. They separate naturally. Trust me, it’s a pain in the ass getting it reincorporated after you open the can =(

  • Grab your reliable shaker container and add all ingredients. Seal up the lid and shake, shake, shake! shake shake shake! shake your booty! Shake your boootyyyy!

  • Pour into whatever you’re drinking out of. Top with more ice if you like it super cold, like my soul on a Monday morning.

  • Bendy straw HIGHLY recommended.



Based off of the serving size for Savoy Coconut Cream – Please adjust to match the brand of coconut you have on hand, they all differ! Here is the nutrition label for Savoy Coconut Cream

  • 200 calories

  • 20 fat

  • 3 carb

  • 2 protein

  • (Add additional carbs to account for your coffee, depending on how much you use)

A note on net carbs

Coconut is weird. I’ve compared cans that have the exact same ingredients yet one has fiber and one does not. Please, for the love of all you worship in life, calculate your own macros as you make it. Whatever you decide, I promise, this coffee will taste good, even if the nutrition labels can NEVER make up their mind!

So, is it Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk?

Okay, so a few things to note here. You’re after the high fat, low carb LIQUID coconut cream that is sold in a can!


  • This is NOT your coconut milk beverage, like So Delicious. This is from a can found in the baking or cooking aisles. Look for brands like Savoy, Aroy-D, Thai Kitchen, Goya, etc. These are super affordable and readily available, likely in the Asian/Ethnic section of your grocery store, or pretty much EVERYWHERE in Asian markets!

  • Please be careful! Every brand is different. For example, Goya’s coconut cream is actually a translucent sugar syrup – yikes! Trader Joe’s coconut cream is thick and dense, and you can scoop it with a spoon. Savoy’s coconut cream is liquid, like HWC.

  • I usually use Savoy because it’s everywhere in our Asian markets. However, Trader Joe’s coconut MILK works just as well. You *could* use their cream, but it’s super thick and I usually have a hard time incorporating it.

Best practice: Shake can. Feels like liquid? You’re good. It can be milk or cream, as long as it’s liquid. Also, check the ingredients. Make sure there’s NO SUGAR! (But hey, that Goya coconut cream makes a reeeeeeeeeeally good non-keto coconut dessert…)

Okay, so what kind of coffee do I use?

Use whatever you like! I normally use whatever coffee I brew in the morning. If I really don’t have standards I’ll use what’s cold and stale and left on the counter all day. Otherwise I’ll make some cold brew, or just buy bottles of unsweetened iced coffee. Whatever floats your boat! Experiment with flavored coffees, too!

Oh, you can use this for tea as well. I’m not a tea person but… why not??


Does this taste like coconut?

Yeah. If you don’t like coconut you will not like this 🙁

((Okay, done editing. Sheesh.))

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