Keto Sandwich With My Homemade Keto Bread For Breakfast Today!

Keto Sandwich With My Homemade Keto Bread For Breakfast Today!


Are you looking for new ideas for breakfast during your keto diet? Great! It is really easy and delicious recipe for sandwiches full of healthy fat and low carbs. I am a big fan of sandwiches and bread though. In this recipe I used my homemade bread which is amazing by the way, however you can also use any wheat bread with the note that it will be not keto breakfast anymore.

How to prepare keto sandwich for breakfast?

Preparation time: around 15 minutes

Servings: 2 sandwiches will make you full, I promise!

Keto Sandwich for Breakfast



  • homemade keto bread (great recipe for keto diet)
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • salt, pepper
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 boiled egg


  1. Mash avocados in the bowl into a pure, add salt and pepper
  2. Prepare two slices of homemade keto bread and spread avocado paste
  3. Cut boiled egg and tomato into slices and add on the top of sandwich
  4. Enjoy!

Keto Sandwich for Breakfast


How to prepare keto bread? Easy recipe with only 4 ingredients!

Be creative! These sandwiches can be served in so many variations.

Vegetarian: For vegetarian version replace eggs with your favourite vegetable, like red pepper for example.


Meat: Are you big fan of meat? Add slices of cooked or grilled chicken.

Course: BreakfastKeyword: Bread, Healthly, Keto, SandwichServings: 2 sandwiches

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