Reverse Seared Butter Basted Steak

Reverse Seared Butter Basted Steak


Reverse Seared Butter Basted Steak

This is my favorite way to cook a high quality steak. It’s not fast, but it’s worth the time. Perfect this and you’ll be ruined for anything but the absolute best steak house.

I made this as an exercise in minimalist cooking with a fun technique. It can be easily enhanced with more aromatics in the baste, repurposing the butter for a veggie saute, using different lipid combos… million ways to cook a steak!


  • For a deep dive on the reverse sear I highly recommend this article

  • Any steak will work but this recipe really shines with a thick and fatty high quality cut

  • Butter basting builds a beautiful mahogany crust with lots of flavor and it’s a dramatic show!

  • The final butter shower adds a nice sizzle and flash cooks the herbs


  • Heavy steel or cast iron pan (not non-stick)

  • Rimmed baking sheet with nesting cooling rack

  • Oven probe thermometer (my favorite)



  • Steak

  • Kosher Salt

  • Butter, half stick

  • Optionally, fresh oregano or thyme sprigs


  • Prep

    • Liberally dust steak on all sides with kosher salt

    • Insert the thermometer probe into the thickest part of the steak

    • Nest the cooling rack in the cookie sheet

    • Place the steak on the cooling rack

  • Warm

    • Set oven to 200℉ or as low as it’ll go

    • Put the steak in the oven, no need to wait for pre-heating

    • Set your thermometer to 114℉ (see the reverse sear article for other temperature options)

    • Remove steak from oven when it reaches 114℉, takes about an hour in my oven

  • Baste

    • Heat saute pan over medium high heat

    • Melt butter in pan

    • Gently lay steak in pan

    • Constantly spoon butter over steak, flipping every 30 seconds

    • When steak is rich mahogany on all sides, ~2-4 minutes of basting, return steak to cooling rack in cookie sheet

    • Keep remaining butter in pan warm over low heat

  • Sizzle

    • If using, pile herb sprigs on top of steak

    • Let rest for 4 minutes

    • Pour remaining hot butter in pan over herbs and steak (expect a super satisfying sizzle)

  • Serve!

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