Low Carb Meal Prep For The Week

Low Carb Meal Prep For The Week


Low Carb Meal Prep For The Week – Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Foods – a how to article and video to help you meal prep for the week.

Greens – there’s a bed of spinach under the Silverside – to add further fibre and nutritional content to the meal.

Broccoli – I sauteed a head of broccoli and 3 garlic cloves in HEAPS of butter until the garlic and broccoli was golden, cooked through and slightly crispy.


Sauce – as the Keto Diet is low carb, high fat – I chose to fill one of the compartments of the container with a generous portion of sour cream for dipping the broccoli into and enjoying with the Silverside.

I’m loving how easy (and fun) meal prep is with the meal prep containers. You can expect more meal prep post/videos to come as I experiment with more flavour combinations.

Silverside Corned Beef – I boiled up a silverside as the protein portion of the containers. Here’s how to make Silverside Corned Beef

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