Vegan / Keto Curry Pad Thai

Vegan / Keto Curry Pad Thai

Curry Pad Thai last night! One of my favs! 100% vegan and keto friendly! So easy! I used #TVP, but you can sub any protein!

EN187 Curry Pad Thai:


1.5 cans coconut cream

1 can Maesri Kang Karee Yellow Curry paste

Protein of choice

Garlic, onion, green onion, lemon grass

Black pepper.

Shiritaki noodles

Crushed peanuts

Chili oil (spice to taste)

Soy sauce

Vegan butter


Dice up 1/4th onion, 3 cloves garlic, cut lemongrass stalk into two 3in chunks. Saute with 2tbsp vegan butter. Add curry paste satue a few minutes longer. Add 1.5 cans coconut cream, soy, chili oil, black pepper and protein of choice and mix till curry is combine, simmer 30 mins till curry has thickened. Add diced green onion last and heat for 2-4 mins to soften them. Drain and rinse shiritaki noodles add to curry and mix, heat till noodles are heated.

Garnish with lemon or lime, crushed peanuts (not pictured I forgot 🤦🏼‍♂️), sriracha, fresh jalapeno, green onion and cilantro! 🤤

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